Updating component registration norton 2016

This article details several scenarios and the appropriate solution for each scenario dealing with installing System Mechanic. Solution 1 Under certain circumstances your computer may need to be restarted after installing or updating System Mechanic.

If you cannot remember whether you have done so, restart your computer to be sure.

Problem 5 The installation file you are attempting to use is corrupt or invalid.

This can happen if you have a defective or scratched CD-ROM or an incomplete download.

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Solution 5 Obtain the most recent installation file before installing and try again.

Notes: iolo technologies maintains one single downloadable installation file for both licensed and trial users.

However, there might be times when you find that Windows 8 freezes while updating.

This freezing issue may arise due to an application that is pre-installed on the computer, or sometimes because of incompatible service that is running in the background.

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