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And I think it's very important to look at what the perpetrator did and what he or she knew. GORDON RAVE: Then we went to the hospital, and I just waited for her.

GORDON RAVE: And I went and got my camera, came up there, and just started taking pictures of everything. ANGIE WALKER: I worked with her from that point on, when she came to the ER all the way till Mercy Medical. GORDON RAVE: I'd known Amanda for forever, and you still have to do your job even though you've known that person for 15 years.

So I go up to the house, and Amanda was sitting there, and she was crying. AMANDA: "I don't know." Like, that was all I can say. I think I got raped, you know." GORDON RAVE: So then I asked her again, and then she said she was passed out and she was sexually assaulted.

JILL FINKEN, SPECIAL ASSISTANT US ATTORNEY, DISTRICT OF NEBRASKA: Misty called me and said, "We had a sexual assault on the reservation." The perpetrators were with Amanda all day, watching her drink.

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By them using alcohol and doing all these things, you know, that was a planned event.

MISTY LAKOTA, TRIBAL INVESTIGATOR, BIA, OGLALA LAKOTA SIOUX: In Indian Country, sexual assault isn't really spoken of too much. MISTY LAKOTA: It's a crime to sexually assault somebody, especially when they're incapacitated or unable to consent.

It's an attack on an individual and their identity, and, quite honestly, their spirit. AMANDA: It was already around town by the time I woke up. So everywhere I walked, I felt humiliated, everywhere, cause once they looked at me, it's like they knew—they knew what happened to me, you know.

And a lot of people, when they looked at this case, said, "Why didn't she immediately report it?

" AMANDA: Of course you're not going to believe what happened, you know, when you think that they're your bros, you know, your friends. I was like, um, "I have to tell you something." And I told her, "I need your support to help me because I don't know how to feel right now." ANGIE WALKER: Sometimes our victims don't feel comfortable, so I'll go see the victim.

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