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As Venable described their meeting: It was like watching two middle-schoolers at a dance: Totally awkward but man they liked each other!

The hair between Tuck’s ears—which had been standing up with all the other rabbits—finally relaxed with Twist.

Cultural/Activity events: We offer several types of events such as Concerts, Baseball Games, Comedy, fitness, scavenger hunts museums, the Zoo, Broadway shows and more.

These events are not about dating, but about making new friends and enjoying an activity together.

The Bachelor sits calmly, waiting to meet Bachelorette #1. She’s bold, self-confident, unafraid to come on strong—rather like her war-goddess namesake. He holds himself stock-still, with only a faint twitch now and again until, suddenly, he lunges aggressively, and Athena dashes away out of reach.

She regroups, then comes back, a bit more coy, drawing near but not too near, rubbing her face demurely. Eventually he relaxes a bit and begins smoothing his whiskers and licking his toes, watching out of the corner of his eye as Athena is led away. Rabbits are extremely social, and they pair-bond for life.

Hansen and Harding mused that one day they may get tiny tuxes and tiaras, but for now the rabbits were au naturel for their prospective mates.

According to the House Rabbit Society, “Paired rabbits are much easier to care for, get into far less trouble, are happier, and tend to relate better to people.” The Animal Care Centers of NYC is a group of shelters that is catering to that, and they have branches in each borough: full-service centers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, and admissions centers in the Bronx and Queens.

ACCNYC has thousands of furry friends available for adoption—in 2015 they took in 35,000 animals and placed 86 percent of them in furever homes.

Rabbits are thin-skinned and prone to aggression, so it’s crucial to have a chaperone in the speed-dating pen.

As Harting put it: “At any time, they’re making the choice not to attack each other.” She uses one of her own sneakers to keep the dating rabbits close enough to smell each other, but not close enough to bite.

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