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DISPOSITION OF PETITION FOR ADOPTION; ADOPTION DECREE CHAPTER 12. ESTABLISHMENT OF NEW BIRTH CERTIFICATE FOLLOWING ADOPTION CHAPTER 14. ESTABLISHMENT OF ADOPTION HISTORY PROGRAM ADMINISTERED BY STATE REGISTRAR; ADOPTION HISTORY FUND CHAPTER 19. COURT PROCEEDING TO REQUEST RELEASE OF ADOPTION HISTORY INFORMATION NOT AVAILABLE FROM STATE REGISTRAR CHAPTER 25. A petition for adoption must specify the following: (1) The: (A) name if known; (B) sex, race, and age if known, or if unknown, the approximate age; and (C) place of birth; of the child sought to be adopted. IC 31-19-2-8 Adoption history fee; putative father registry fee Sec. Unless the petitioner for adoption seeks under section 1 of this chapter to adopt a person who is at least eighteen (18) years of age, the petitioner for adoption must attach to the petition for adoption: (1) an adoption history fee of twenty dollars () payable to the state department of health; and (2) a putative father registry fee of fifty dollars () payable to the state department of health for: (A) administering the putative father registry established by IC 31-19-5; and (B) paying for blood or genetic testing in a paternity action in which an adoption is pending in accordance with IC 31-14-21-9.1.

LIMITATIONS ON DIRECT OR COLLATERAL ATTACKS OR APPEALS OF ADOPTION DECREES CHAPTER 15. CONFIDENTIALITY REQUIREMENTS FOR ADOPTION HISTORY AND OTHER ADOPTION RECORDS CHAPTER 20. CONSENT TO RELEASE OF IDENTIFYING INFORMATION CHAPTER 22. RELEASE OF IDENTIFYING INFORMATION FOR ADOPTIONS FILED AFTER DECEMBER 31, 1993; REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION CONCERNING PRE-ADOPTIVE SIBLINGS CHAPTER 26. PROGRAM FOR ADOPTION OF HARD TO PLACE CHILDREN CHAPTER 28. Filing of Petition for Adoption IC 31-19-2-1 Adoption of adult; petition; venue; consent; investigation Sec. (a) An individual who is at least eighteen (18) years of age may be adopted by a resident of Indiana: (1) upon proper petition to the court having jurisdiction in probate matters in the county of residence of the individual or the petitioner for adoption; and (2) with the consent of the individual acknowledged in open court. IC 31-19-2-2 Adoption of minor child; petition; venue Sec. (a) A resident of Indiana who seeks to adopt a child less than eighteen (18) years of age may, by attorney of record, file a petition for adoption with the clerk of the court having probate jurisdiction in the county in which: (1) the petitioner for adoption resides; (2) a licensed child placing agency or governmental agency having custody of the child is located; or (3) the child resides. (2) The new name to be given the child if a change of name is desired. IC 31-19-2-7.6 Notification of criminal charge while adoption pending Sec. If a petitioner for adoption is charged with: (1) a felony; or (2) a misdemeanor relating to the health and safety of children; during the pendency of the adoption, the petitioner shall notify the court of the criminal charge in writing.

(7) Whether the petitioner for adoption has been convicted of: (A) a felony; or (B) a misdemeanor relating to the health and safety of children; and, if so, the date and description of the conviction.

(8) Additional information consistent with the purpose and provisions of this article that is considered relevant to the proceedings.

An affidavit filed under this subsection must contain the same information as an affidavit filed under subsection (a). For purposes of this notice, _____________ (putative father's name) is a putative father under the laws in Indiana regarding adoption.".

IC 31-19-3-2 Notice not compelling adoptive placement Sec. Providing the putative father with actual notice under section 1 of this chapter does not obligate the mother of the child to proceed with an adoptive placement of the child. (b) If notice is served upon the putative father under section 1(3) of this chapter: (1) the licensed child placing agency sponsoring the adoption; or (2) the attorney representing the prospective adoptive parents; shall submit to the court an affidavit prepared by the attorney representing the mother of the child. Under Indiana law, a putative father is a person who is named as or claims that he may be the father of a child born out of wedlock but who has not yet been legally proven to be the child's father.

(4) a person whose parental rights have been terminated before the entry of a final decree of adoption; or (5) a person who has waived notice under: (A) IC 31-19-4-8; or (B) IC 31-19-4.5-4.

In addition, the putative father loses the right to establish paternity of the child under IC 31-14 or in a court of another state when the court would otherwise be competent to obtain jurisdiction over the paternity action, except as provided in IC 31-19-9-17(b). IC 31-19-3-5 Putative father's notice of paternity action Sec. A putative father who files a paternity action as described by IC 31-19-9-15(2) after receiving notice of a potential adoption from an attorney or a licensed child placing agency under section 1 of this chapter shall notify the attorney or agency that the paternity action has been filed.

The amended petition or second petition under this subsection relates back to the date of the original petition. (b) The county in which a petition for adoption may be filed is a matter of venue and not jurisdiction. (b) If the petitioner for adoption is married to the: (1) biological; or (2) adoptive; father or mother of the child, joiner by the father or mother is not necessary if an acknowledged consent to adoption of the biological or adoptive parent is filed with the petition for adoption. (b) If a petition for adoption is sponsored by a licensed child placing agency, the petition for adoption must be filed in quadruplicate. (5) The name and place of residence, if known to the petitioner for adoption, of: (A) the parent or parents of the child; (B) if the child is an orphan: (i) the guardian; or (ii) the nearest kin of the child if the child does not have a guardian; (C) the court or agency of which the child is a ward if the child is a ward; or (D) the agency sponsoring the adoption if there is a sponsor. (c) A copy of the medical report shall be sent to the following persons: (1) The state registrar. (d) This section does not authorize the release of medical information that would result in the identification of an individual. (c) The petitioner for adoption shall pay the fees and other costs of the criminal history check required under this section.

(c) The original copy of a petition for adoption must be verified by the oath or affirmation of each petitioner for adoption. (6) The time, if any, during which the child lived in the home of the petitioner for adoption.

Under Indiana law, a putative father is a person who is named as or claims that he may be the father of a child born out of wedlock but who has not yet been legally proven to be the child's father. He will lose his right to establish his paternity of the child under IC 31-14.

Nothing __________ (mother's name) or any one else says to the unnamed putative father of the child relieves the unnamed putative father of his obligations under this notice. His consent will be irrevocably implied and he will lose his right to contest either the adoption or the validity of his implied consent to the adoption.

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