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If he really wants you, he can deal with you flaking out on the first date, or even on a few of them.The key is to show that his time means very little to you.Living your life independent of anyone else is a powerful and effective concept to attract the man of your dreams.By playing hard to get, you are showing everyone that you are perfectly capable of being single or in a relationship.How to play hard to get is not a complicated question and it is extremely effective in gaining the attention of guys and keeping their interest.

The key is to think that you have many guys at your disposal, so that one guy that you just met isn’t so special.That’s how you make yourself vulnerable and be taken advantage of.Keep yourself elusive and pretend that he always owes you a favor.If you want to know how to drive guys crazy with shyness and playing hard to get, you’ve come to the right place.When guys don’t know what you really think about them or what you are looking for, it makes them obsess over you.

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