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Before you connect, you'll have to install the free Nextbase Cam Viewer app (for i OS and Android).When connected, you see a live view on your phone's screen along with ugly folders which you can tap to see either videos on the camera or those stored on your phone.What it needs, of course, is a trim function so you can upload only the relevant section of a long video.This would make it faster all round: quicker to upload, quicker for the recipient to download and quicker to see the incident itself.Update 21 November: There's now a limited edition Rose Gold model which you can buy from Halfords for £99.99.The Asus Reco Classic has an unusual portrait design which makes it a little unwieldy in certain cars.If you want a bigger 20 percent discount, try Sure Thing!

You can buy the 312GW for £99.99 from Nextbase, but it's £89.99 from Amazon.and you can also pop into your local Halfords and get it for £89.99 too.This puts it in direct competition with the Asus Reco Classic - a dash cam we rate very highly.Another reason to mount it so you can see it is that it slides backwards off its magnetic mount, leaving the power cable attached to the GPS receiver built into the windscreen suction mount.This makes it so easy to quickly remove it and pop it in your glovebox when you park without fiddling around with cables or having to readjust the angle when you reattach it.

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