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The military, they say, is far better at reporting those cases to federal law enforcement for inclusion in the databases used to conduct criminal background checks.[The sound of hymns drifted from the country church.“The fact is Kelley, other than his year of incarceration, received nearly the same treatment as people who have never committed a serious crime,” said Kristofer Goldsmith, assistant director of policy for Vietnam Veterans of America.Goldsmith, an Iraq War veteran, was kicked out of the Army after he attempted suicide the day before his second deployment.

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Now, in the wake of last Sunday’s tragedy at Sutherland Springs’ First Baptist Church, some military justice experts are questioning why, given the severity of his past wrongdoing, Kelley was not given a dishonorable discharge.

Clinton’s supposedly nefarious involvement in the sale of Uranium One in 2010; and Mr.

Comey’s alleged leaks to New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt dating back to 1993, when Mr. Any credence given by the Justice Department to such a nakedly partisan attempt to kick up dust would be cause for concern. Sessions’s appearance Tuesday before the committee should put some of those concerns to rest. Sessions pushed back against demands for a special counsel to investigate Ms.

Jurors, Christensen said, typically deliver lighter penalties than a judge would, and Kelley’s crimes probably warranted tougher punishment.

[Texas gunman’s ex-wife said he once put a gun to her head and asked, ‘Do you want to die?

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