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The man to woman balance at No Strings is about the same as at other similar dating sites – around 70/30.The guys with the best lines and the best profiles have the advantage.Try that at No Strings and you’ll get a very different result.There are many beautiful women with photos on this website.They know what you want and they realize that you want it kept hush-hush.They know what needs to be done to protect your anonymity and your privacy. Start with a free membership and before you know it you will be upgrading.

When and if you finally cough up some dough and join the site, the emails suddenly stop.The services offered by No Strings are pretty standard but that makes the site easy to navigate.I actually prefer simple sites that let me get down to business.If everyone comes up looking like the models on the homepage, you are in trouble. As a matter of fact, all sexy women aren’t even gorgeous.If all the photos knock you out, you’re being scammed.

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