Dating a fender stratocaster guitar

Tokai was seriously considered to start building the first Japanese made Fenders, but after a breakdown in negotiations, Fuji Gen Gakki was chosen instead.The initial Squier models were launched on July/August 1982.The numbers for each year typically overlap, as there is always a transitional period between successive years and as necks that are made and serial numbered late in any given year are used on instruments assembled in the early months of the following year.A new serial-numbering scheme was adopted toward the end of 2009 using the number 10 as a prefix, followed by a space, followed by seven digits.Over time, the Squier series slowly evolved to include original model designs and production has moved from Japan to various other Asian countries such as Korea, China and Indonesia.

Instead, the instrument’s country of origin appears on the decal on the back of the headstock, near the serial number.

The Reggie Hamilton and Frank Bello Jazz basses used an MX serial number prefix before the 2010 change.

California Series electric guitars and basses from 19 use an AMXN prefix and share U.

Yamano Gakki was known for once being part of Epiphone Japan.

Kanda Shokai owned the Greco brand name and one of the conditions of the Fender Japan agreement was that Kanda Shokai cease production of its own Greco Fender copies.

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