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This is the time in the game that a change needs to be made.

Why would I go from the nice happy five to the evil two? They can tempt me as much as they want but I'm not having it," explains James.

Frustrated with the harsh living conditions, Todd comes to a boiling point and vents, "This rain is hell when you are sitting in a muddy hole in a swimsuit you have been wearing for a month, hunched over praying for the clouds to go away. A Missed Opportunity Erik finds James alone, untangling the tribe fishing net, and suggests that James join Peih-Gee and himself in a campaign to oust Todd.

I am done with the rain"¦done." As the rain clears, Erik, Peih-Gee and Denise return to camp to an icy greeting from the bitter tribe. What I don't like is when everyone and their damn mother decide they like the cave too. James shrugs off the idea and laughs at Erik's plan.

Denise reluctantly performs for the group and she impresses her audience with her knowledge of the art.

"At this point, I could not thank Peih-Gee enough for picking me for this Reward.

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