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Six months in, I finally suggested that we get counseling.

This set off a volcanic-level rage that ended with his speeding away and worried questions from my neighbors.

I was shaken and heart-broken, but it occurred to me that I'd written a profile that promised the fantasy of a relationship.

No wonder it attracted men who couldn't handle the reality of one.‬ ‪After licking my post-Paul wounds I went into profile re-writing overdrive.

), I met Paul, a former-musician/newly-hatched lawyer who had just relocated from New York.

We reminisced about our Brooklyn neighborhoods and explored the beach towns and second-run movie theaters.

On my first Match-less Saturday in months I was blindsided by crying jags and existential panic.

As the disappointments in both love and work racked up, I became brittle and pessimistic.

I stopped thinking about what I really wanted and downsized my desires to what I thought I could obtain.‬‪Perhaps it was easier to focus on writing the perfect profile than it was over-hauling my life to meet more compatible men (not to mention making myself more emotionally available to them when I did).

I met several interesting men, most of whom seemed uninterested in having a relationship, at least with me.

Phone calls regularly failed to turn into first dates, first dates often failed to turn into second ones.‬‪My would-be suitors' inconsistencies had gotten so consistent that I wondered if I could find meaning in it. Maybe the revisions, the books, and the diligence in getting out there finally introduced me to meet my real 'matches.' My well-meaning phone and dinner dates–like Peter, the Malibu businessman still wary from his last girlfriend's drug problem, and Richard, the writer whose abrupt phone exit was explained by a Google search revealing his life-threatening illness–didn't seem to really want to be dating. ‬***‪I tallied up my audition call-back rates and discovered they went down when I had more on my plate romantically.

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