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You also note that Jim contributes significantly to the local schools, and that the children are taught how good Jim's garage is.

Finally you realize there is a war going on between Jim's garage and Bob's garage and that those in power in the town are more interested in which garage offers them the most benefits, than in which garage has the best mechanics.

also controls many other aspects of life in America due to their many billions of dollars of clout.

Let us suppose you move to a new town, in fact a small town with only two car repair shops (i.e. In fact, most of the time the cars they have "repaired" are in worse shape when they are done, than when the car first came in.

It is like the above metaphor: just because Jim's garage makes far more money than Bob's garage, and does far more advertising, doesn't mean Jim's garage charges a fair price and does a better job.

While orthodox medicine generally uses surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, alternative medicine uses treatment plans with names like: Before you brush-off this war as being unimportant to you, keep that in mind.

This e Book is more technical and detailed than the "Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments" e Book.

For example, it details a randomly chosen issue of the Reader's Digest and shows how the large number of pharmaceutical advertisements correlates with the large number of articles in the magazine which glorify orthodox medicine. in Scotland) demonstrated that Vitamin C, given in moderate doses, provided far, far better results for cancer patients than orthodox cancer treatments.

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