Avg not updating general error

I downloaded the updates, and updated them within the directory.

All was well, until there were no more updates, and the General Error appeared again. tag=thread Listing;forum-threadsin addition to a further,'solved' one. If so, you will know that AVG Free version for commercial use, only for private users. tag=thread Listing;forum-threads Mark Yesterday a few friends told me if I had Avg not to update it due to a problem, Now am I supposed to just Not update it, or will it be fixed to a point where I just update it later on ? Hello offworld,are you using Zone Alarm in latest version 9.2.102? The previous versions of Zone Alarm Security Toolbar have known conflict with AVG processes.

Update Manage: General Error Any help would be well appreciated. If the AVG Tech helpers want me to unlock it, they can send me an alert. The existing open thread has questions asked which you have not yet answered. You will also need to explain there exactly what is going on. Please tell us in that other thread what these 10 computers are and what business you are in. For AVG uninstallation you can use AVG remover tool. You can download latest version 9.0.102 from Zone Alarm website.2. It looks like just the notification settings have been changed - see this Microsoft website.

This problem has been going on for over a week now. Thank you I have the same update problem (General Error) but I could not find the avgupd log files. I use Windows XP Professional and AVG Free 2011 version 10.0.1170Thank you for your help.

AVG Update Error 1 The following errors occur when updating AVG 8.0: Cause of the Error Generally, this AVG update error occurs due to corrupt AVG update control files.

Resolution Methods To repair the error, you need to delete temporary update files.

Please follow these steps to complete AVG reinstallation with applying fixed program version. The first update after installing succeed correctly.

You can use either of the following two methods to do this.

Method 1 – Remove temporary update files, using the AVG interface : When you run AVG update after performing either of the above steps, AVG automatically downloads the removed control files and the above error usually does not reappear when you perform updates in the future.

Secondly, one can choose the required connection settings in the AVG Free Watchdog that allows interaction between the service and the desktop.

If none of these work, then the issue may be due to a file that has to be deleted following which, the update must be restarted.

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