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This is not the first time that Kutcher and Kunis' marriage was peppered with malicious rumors.

In April, the same publication reported that a friend of the couple claimed that the two already filed for divorce due to "trust issues." Another rumor claimed that the "Black Swan" star was reportedly jealous of her husband's "The Ranch" co-star Elisha Cuthbert. The couple first met on the set of Fox's period sitcom "That 70s Show" where they portrayed the role of on-screen couple Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart back in their teens.

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Kutcher posted a photo of the article with the title "Hey, Ashton! " to joke about how Kunis reacted to the rumors and revealed who the unidentified woman is.They remained friends until they started dating each other in early 2012.Kutcher and Kunis became engaged in February 2014, the same year when their daughter Wyatt was born.They got married in July 2015 then welcomed their son Dimitri Portwood in November 2016.The couple opts to keep their kids out of the spotlight.

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